We sell European Bait worms for all
sports fishing!
We sell Composting Worms
for garden and
kitchen composting!
We ship to customers in the United States!

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Composting Worms are the worms of choice for your composting plans.

These hardy worms will consume a surprising amount of organic trimmings from your kitchen and garden.

Feed your plants the nutrients found in the harvested worm castings and reap the rewards of being a true part of the recycling world. Get in the cycle...

They are easy to maintain. Properly tended, these worms will produce valuable organic matter for your houseplants, vegetable and herb garden and flower beds.Read about care...

European Bait Worms are extremely hardy above and below water. These European Bait worms do not require refrigeration. Room temperature means easy transit and storage.

Shipping to you is easy and pick up your European Bait worms in eastern Ontario. Pick 'em up here...

Your Worms are easily shipped whether you order European Bait worms or Composting Worms.

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Worm Composting or vermi composting does more than talk trash.

It eats it and then recycles it to rich compost that can be used to feed and nurture vegetable and flower gardens.

Worm composting is easy to do once your kit is set up. It can be great for single or large family users.

Your garden will love you!

Fish love 'em...
All kinds of sports fish love these European Bait worms. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow, Speckled and Brown Trout, Pickerel and the list goes on.

These robust worms will last ages under most conditions. They outlive other worms under water.

We ship to outfitters, variety stores as a great add on sale!